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With the event of mixed martial arts (MMA) becoming mainstream in the media, more and more people are looking to martial arts and self-defense classes as an alternative to the usual gym and fitness routine. At Schafer's ATA Martial Arts, we have been training in and teaching martial arts long before the media hype. We proudly bring forth this tradition to new generations of martial artists by offering a variety of classes to our students.


The ATA Martial Arts Curriculum teaches traditional martial arts in a modern fitness environment.

In the past 40 years, 1 million members have trained in the program and experienced life-changing physical & mental benefits.

You will find yourself more focused and competitive in both your business life and personal life. You will perform better, feel better, and overall, be better. All you have to do is get started to start seeing the benefits! Stop doing the same mindless exercises at the gym and start workout out with a purpose.



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Schafer's ATA Martial Arts Leadership


The Leadership Team is a three-year extension program by invitation, for juniors & teens who want to maximize their Taekwondo training and develop leadership skills that will serve them in all aspects of their lives. These students accept a higher level of responsibility as ambassadors of our school.

Students in the Leadership program also have the option to compete for the titles of State, District, & World Champion under the American Taekwondo Association.

Once students in the Leadership program have earned their black belts, they have the ability to become Junior Instructors upon mastery of the necessary material.

Combat Weapon Sparring

Ages: All

In a real-world self-defense situation, you may not be able fight easily against a much larger opponent - but you might have the ability to quickly pick up a stick, cane, umbrella or something similar.  

Combat weapon training is a great equalizer for those who aren’t great at kicking or power or even a lack of height.  

ATA designed the heavily padded bahng mahng ee specifically so students of all ages could train safely in stick fighting.  

No other martial arts organization has stick fighting as a regular part of its training, with a developed curriculum specifically for teaching combat with a weapon.  

Hyper and Tricking School

Ages: All

What is Hyper Pro Training?

Hyper Pro Training is a martial arts curriculum with weekly classes, cool contests, challenges and special events. The curriculum is intended to create martial arts athletes with modern drills, plyometrics, kicks, acrobatics, extreme forms and the Pro Athlete Mindset.

Who is Hyper intended for?

The Hyper program’s main target is for all kids and teens starting at age 7. Although there is a large emphasis on the plyometrics, kicks, acrobatics and extreme forms, adults are more than welcome to partake in any Hyper class or event. The weapons and open forms are certainly something an any adult student could adapt to fit to their personal needs.

Bully Prevention Workshop

Ages: All

Bullying is one of the most difficult issues that students, parents and educators might encounter in or out of school. Discipline and respect are the foundation of Songahm Taekwondo, but we also teach students to be allies and to show kindness towards others. Schafer's ATA Martial Arts works closely with schools and children to help combat bullying and give them the tools to stand up for themselves with confidence.  We teach children to use their words first and how find the leader within. 

Schafer's ATA is committed to guiding our youth and are eager to work with your school by providing an awesome and dynamic assembly or classroom presentation. Please contact us for more information!


Child Safety Workshop

Ages: 4-12

The ATA and Karate for Kids has joined with AmberAlert to offer the ATA Kidz ‘N Power Child Safety Seminar, a worldwide initiative designed to help minimize the risk of child abduction by teaching children how to avoid being a victim; how to be confident and stay safe through a fun and non-fearful environment. 

The program will include activities such as simple break away self-defense instruction, role playing with possible stranger dangers, and methods to deal with bullies.  

Schafer's ATA Martial Arts offers these seminars to the community FREE OF CHARGE. 

If you are interested in keeping our children safe, please contact us, or send an email. We can arrange for one of our instructors to meet with any civic group or we can organize a special seminar for your group at one of our studios.

Women's Self Defense Workshop

Ages: Teen & Adult

Our Women’s Self-Defense training will help each participant avoid becoming a victim. The course teaches personal security steps and guides participants in understanding predatory actions of the assailant and developing a prevention mindset. 

The intention of the program is to equip women with awareness and the skills to avoid or redirect danger and, if necessary, defend themselves in dangerous situations. Our mission is to help you feel empowered!

If you would like to learn more or set up a private session, please contact our studio. These seminars are done by request and are great for girls and women ages 15 and up!

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