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The Sparkman Family

My husband and I do not look at Taekwondo as another sport for our kids; we look at it as another school…a school of life skills that will serve our children not just for a few seasons but for the rest of their lives. No other sport has offered our kids the degree of physical, social, emotional and psychological growth as Taekwondo. We feel truly blessed to have found Schafer’s ATA. Mr. Schafer is an exception teacher and inspirational human being. The command he has over his students is a delicate balance of firmness with high expectations along with gentle molding and deep devotion. He is heavily invested in his students not just at Taekwondo but in their lives outside of school, as well. It is common to hear about how he attended someone’s birthday party, graduation, or visited someone who was ill. He makes his self available to parents, too. One of our kids was having trouble at school and Mr. Schafer was right there, supporting my husband and I, with getting our child back on track. He is genuine in his passion for Taekwondo and the amount of dedication he has for his school as well as his students is evident every day we attend class!
Mr. Schafer has an exceptional staff who share his passion for Taekwondo and contribute to the school’s supportive family atmosphere. Mr. Schafer and his school are also a strong force in the community. He drives his students make their own contributions with mandatory community service requirements as a part of their belt advancements, as well as holding several community fundraisers through his school each year. During these tough economic times, it is important to feel your money will be well spent, and there is no greater investment in life than own our children. It has been 5 ½ years since we first walked into Schafer’s ATA and met Mr. Schafer for the first time. What started as a professional welcoming handshake has evolved into
personal congratulatory embraces! My oldest son started as a Tiny Tiger and just last week received his black belt. It is a moment that will be etched in my mind forever!  That night, more than any other night, I realized, we have gained not only life skills for our children, but we have gained lifetime friendships through our extended family with the Schafers and the other families at Schafer’s ATA.