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My son has been attending Schafer’s ATA now for 7 years, starting when he was 7. He has always been good at sports and excelled in baseball and soccer. However, when he found Tae Kwon Do, he put his heart and soul into the art, giving up both baseball and
soccer to dedicate as much time as he could to his martial arts training.  Through the years he’s been under your tutelage, I’ve seen him grow in so many different dimensions. He is confident and assured,and keeps his cool about him in challenging situations. This year, he decided to take up sports in high school, playing football and field sports such as shot put and discus.  In football he was awarded MVP for his freshman team and he is excelling in both the hot put and discus. When I watch him, he shows the same determination, form, and poise you’ve instilled in him through his Tae Kwon Do training.  We appreciate all that you’ve done, and all the work that you put into your school. It certainly shows with our son as it does with so many of your other students. These are things a parent could not have enough of. Thank you!