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Bre Schafer

I would like to write this review candidly if I may from a teacher, mother, and wife’s perspective.
Teacher: As an elementary school teacher, I can always tell the students that have martial arts experience based upon their demeanor and mannerisms. Alternatively I can hold them to a higher standard and they understand those expectations. Martial arts students are confident leaders, kind to their teachers and peers, and have a great work ethic and attitude towards school.
Mother: Now that my daughter is a martial arts student, her transformation has been astonishing. Our daughter is of the softest nature I’ve ever seen. She is sensitive, shy, empathetic, and incredibly caring and sweet to all things living. When she started kindergarten, her teachers only constructive comment was that she needed to take more risks. Seeing her blossom through martial arts and the character training curriculum that sets ATA apart from any other martial arts schools has been a proud parent moment. She has gained confidence while still maintaining her kind hearted nature. She is now a risk taker to a safe degree and encourages others to do so too. She is all of this wrapped up into a 7 year old body!
Wife: I am married to Master Schafer and I have watched him pour his heart and soul into his school and families. What you see is what you get. He loves his students and creates a deep connection with each of them. To some, he is the father figure that might be lacking in their lives. To others, he is that EXTRA father figure to help keep them in line and making better choices. In a world where our school system is dominated by women as mentors, we need more men to be role models and positive leaders for our youth. THIS is him. Everyone who meets him believes in him and has never been let down. He gives that and so much more to his ATA families.

I invite you in to our school. Fall in love with the “family feel” we are known for and be apart of something positive and amazing for our community. Our doors and hearts are always open and we look forward to helping you and your family achieve their goals and dreams!