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Next Tournament and to register, click link below:

ATA Region 107 Tournament Registration


Tournament Fees

  • Competitor $35
  • XMA $25
  • Creative $25
  • Weapons $25
  • Combat Weapons $25
  • 4th and 7th Event $15 each
  • Board Breaking $10
  • Spectator $5


 *Click here for a printable copy of the tournament reminders*

Why compete?

Tournaments offer Taekwondo students a chance to perform in a new environment, to meet and make friends with students from other ATA schools, to see advanced black belt competition, and even to win trophies.

Who can participate?

Students of all ages and ranks are welcome to participate in all ATA tournaments.

Will I have to spar people much better than me?

Students at ATA tournaments are divided by rank, gender and height to ensure that all participants have a chance to compete with people with similar experience and skills.

Divisions are small and the competition is friendly. The tournament hosts and judges strive to ensure that all participants enjoy themselves. Judges are specially-trained to conduct their divisions efficiently and to enforce all tournament rules so that the competition is fair and no one is injured.

What does it involve?

White through yellow belts can compete in two categories: form and one-step sparring. Camouflage belts and above compete in form and point sparring.

The National and World Championship tournaments, and many regional tournaments, also offer weapons competition for black belts. Events include single or double ssahng jeol bong (nunchaku), single or double bahng mahng ee (short stick), jahng bong (long staff), jee pahng ee (cane) and three-sectional staff. In addition, some tournaments offer board breaking competition.

As of April 2001, many tournaments offer colored belt weapons competition.

What types of tournaments are there?

The ATA sanctions three levels of tournaments:

  • Nationals and World Championships
  • Regionals
  • State tournaments

The annual World Championship tournament, which the ATA hosts in Little Rock, Arkansas every June is the world’s largest martial arts tournament. The tournament regularly draws over 3,000 competitors and as many as 10,000 spectators. Competition lasts three days, and the highlights of the tournament are the international testing (at which black belts seek higher ranks before a panel of senior ranks and masters) and the Tournament of Champions (at which the top-ranked black belts compete to determine the year’s World Champion in various divisions).

There are two National tournaments each year, one in the fall in Florida and the other in the spring in Nevada. ATA masters are present at both National tournaments. There also is a international tournament in South America hosted by the Songahm Taekwondo Federation (STF), which is the ATA’s South American branch.

There are dozens of Regional tournaments each year throughout the United States. In the northern California region, there are usually three or four Regional tournaments annually.

The ATA also hosts occasional State tournaments. These are smaller than the regional tournaments and provide beginning students with a more intimate setting for their first tournament experience.

For information on upcoming tournaments, see the Calendar.

Scoring Points in Sparring

What to Expect at a Tournament


Your complete uniform

  • Pants
  • Jacket
  • White t-shirt required for the ladies
  • Belt – ATA Tigers must get a different belt for tournament competition. See Mrs. Schafer the Thursday before the tournament to pick it up. They must be returned by no later than the following Tuesday.

Your sparring equipment

  • Chest
  • Head
  • Face
  • Hand
  • Kick
  • Mouthpiece
  • Shin guards (Optional)
  • Cup (for boys/men)
  • Your weapons if you are competing with them


Your complete uniform and appropriate belt (see above)

You need to wear your complete uniform, including the appropriate belt. This includes all patches, sewn on properly. See Mrs. Schafer if you have questions or need to purchase patches or have them sewn on.

The only shoes allowed for competitors are white tennis shoes or the ATA white shoes, NO sandals or flip-flops are allowed. If you don’t have white shoes, you may wear other shoes to the event but once inside you must go barefoot.


When you arrive, you need to check in with the registration desk. It should be by the entrance doors. Give them your name and they will check it off of our list. (Please register with us by the Wednesday before the tournament so we have you on the list.) All spectators need to pay their entrance fee before entering the tournament. This is usually $5 per person except for those under the age of five years.


Typically we are in a gym, so you will usually go by the refreshment area and the merchandise area. When you go into the gym you will see all of the rings set up and numbered. There will be some chairs by the rings and/or bleachers for parents to sit in. We don’t have specific places where we meet but we do try to see everyone from our school before the tournament begins. If we are in a ring as a judge, please do not try to contact us until the ring is finished.

At one end of the gym there will be the line-up area. This is where you go when they call your age or rank. Parents are not allowed inside that area but they may wait outside that area. Take your registration form and sparring bag or weapon with you to the line-up area, that way it will be with you in the ring. You will be taken to your ring when it has been determined how many will be in each ring. Be patient.


Walk around and get used to where things are placed, i.e., rings, merchandise, food, restrooms, line-up area.


Every competitor gets to participate in opening ceremonies. Listen to the announcements and when they call your belt color go and join the rest of the competitors with your rank and get into straight lines. Make sure you are paying attention to what is going on up front, no jumping out of line to go somewhere else. When you are dismissed from here, go back to parents (where appropriate) or if they dismissed some ages/ranks to a specific ring, get there as fast as possible so we can get the tournament started.


Certain groups will be called to rings or to the line-up area and they should get there as soon as possible to get the rings started. Anyone who was not called may watch other rings, get food or merchandise, or hang out in the stands. Try not to be gone too long in case they call another group to a ring or the line-up area.


Each tournament has a schedule of events. Check with the schedule and those rings should not take place before the scheduled time;  however, depending on how many competitors there are, it may be longer. Be patient. You must pay attention to the announcements of the various ring calls. If there is a visual display, check it frequently to see if the information for your ring is on there.


For information on tournament standings, rules, schedule, major events, etc., click here:

ATA Tournament Information