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Camps and Events

We aim to combine fitness and fun, while helping our students develop skills they can apply to all areas of life. Here’s all the latest information about upcoming events, including camps, at our martial arts school in Petaluma.

If you have any questions about an event, simply contact the school at (707) 793-9401.

Moms Train FREE in May!

Calling all moms to join us for a fun and free training month! We want to honor all of you hard working moms by letting you come in and kick, punch, and have fun with us. All you need is a waiver with us and you can pick two classes each week to attend (they are vary week to week depending on your schedule). Sign up at the studio!

Spar Wars

ATA Students ONLY are invited to attend our specially planned event on May the Fourth (see what we did there?!?!)- with a special VIP event to end the day filled with glow in the dark fun for kids AND adults!

Spar WarsPDF


Summer 2018 Overnight Camp- kids and adults!

It’s back and it is better than ever! For the first time, we are opening spots up for adults to come and participate in our most anticipated event we have at our school! The shenanigans that Master Schafer and Mr. Viggers come up with are fun, spirited, team building, and highly memorable. Click on the flier, print it out and return it to the school if you want to participate this year. We are having camp over a weekend to make it more accessible for families but it will be action packed of fun and training!

2018 ATA Overnight CampPDF

Summer Break Camps

We offer a wide variety of Summer Camps that are great for all kids alike! Camps are best geared towards kids ages 5-12- boys and girls have a blast at them! All camps are organized by a credentialed teacher and executed by the best martial arts team around. We offer a highly structured and super fun schedule that infuses team building, martial arts training (no experience needed!), crafts, science, games, quiet time, movies, art, and even a field trip* here and there. Summer Camps are from 9am-3pm with an early drop off option for an additional fee (R.A.T. Camp is an ATA event and you must have Master Schafer’s approval to attend- only Schafer’s ATA students can attend and there is no early drop off option for this week).

*If we do have a field trip scheduled, we will be asking for an additional fee should there be a cost for entrance/admission to the facility. We will also be needing parent drivers to make these happen. If we can organize the drivers, we will not be able to go on the field trip but NOT TO WORRY- we make enough fun in our studio to keep the campers entertained!

While all of our camps have themes, we work really hard to make them equally as fun as they are creative and unique. If your kiddo isn’t a sports fan and we have a Sports Camp, they will still have an amazing time if you sign them up! Come see why we have the highest rated camps around. We offer a safe and structured camp run by certified instructors. Don’t wait to secure your spot today! You can register in our school (deposit and payment info will be asked) or even better- head to our google doc to fill it out! https://goo.gl/forms/IKke68cA8EkNHhk72

ATA Summer Camps 2018 theme details