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Taekwondo Forms & Belts

In Songahm Taekwondo, our belts reflect a member’s proven level of competence and (just as importantly) the progression of colors reflects an inner journey that never truly ends. Each belt achieved is truly an accomplishment worthy of respect.

It is also worth noting that achieving a belt isn’t just a matter of “spending enough time” in a previous belt. In order to achieve their next rank, a student must demonstrate their proficiency in their current belt’s techniques, including Basic Moves, Sparring, and Forms.

Be sure to visit our YouTube channel for taekwondo form demonstrations by Master Schafer and staff. Our goal is to help you boost your technical skills and accelerate your proficiency of each rank towards black belt excellence.

How does our belt system work?

Each program is a little different in our school. Schafer’s ATA will not grant testing to each student unless they have shown they are ready and they have all three “stripes” (requirements). It is from there that they students SHOULD pass their testing. It does happen, especially as they make their way through the ranks, that students will test and not accomplishment what is being asked of them. This will result in a No Change. This can be a difficult time for a student but also a great learning opportunity. Some students will test and their next belt looks similar to their current one while others get a different color belt. Some students half step (showing half of their form) and some take a full step (showing the entire form). Don’t be discouraged-this is still advancing in rank! Students who half-step become “recommended” of that belt. Students who full-step become “decided” of that belt. To see our rank system in a clear picture click: Belt Ranking System

Belt Ranking System


Watch the videos below of Master Schafer demonstrating each taekwondo form. You can also download the testing requirements for each belt or rank. 

9th Grade White Belt – Songahm 1

Download PDF – 9th Grade White Belt Testing Requirements



8th Grade Orange Belt – Songahm 2

Download PDF – 8th Grade Orange Belt Testing Requirements



7th Grade Yellow Belt – Songahm 3

Download PDF – 7th Grade Yellow Belt Testing Requirements



6th Grade Camo Belt – Songahm 4

Download PDF – 6th Grade Camo Belt Testing Requirements



5th Grade Green Belt – Songahm 5

Download PDF – 5th Grade Green Belt Testing Requirements



4th Grade Purple Belt – In Wha 1

Download PDF – 4th grade Purple Belt Testing Requirements



3rd Grade Blue Belt – In Wha 2

Download PDF – 3rd Grade Blue Belt Testing Requirements



2nd Grade Brown Belt – Choong Jung 1

Download PDF – 2nd Grade Brown Belt Testing Requirements



1st Grade Red Belt & 1st Degree Recommended Black Belt – Choong Jung 2

Download PDF – 1st Grade Red Belt Testing Requirements


Download PDF – 1st Degree Recommended Black Belt



1st Degree Decided Black Belt
1st Degree Decided Black Belt - Schafer's ATA

2nd Degree Black Belt Form

2nd Degree Black Belt - Schafer's ATA