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Private Lessons

Get a private martial arts lesson

Need a little extra guidance on your material for testing? Looking for a little one-on-one help with point sparring? Build your confidence and have some fun working individually with one of our instructors in a private martial arts lesson.

How to help your child success with extracurricular activitiesMaster Nicholas Schafer, 6th degree black belt, Chief Instructor: $90.00 per hour / $50.00 half hour

Miss Kaitlyn Kolybakos, 3rd degree black belt, Certified Instructor: $55.00 per hour/ $35.00 half hour

Mr. Daniel Eynon: $50.00 per hour/ $30.00 half hour

Miss Kaylee Baum: $55.00 per hour/ $35.00 half hour

Mr. Travis Bell: $35.00 per hour/ $20.00 half hour

SPECIAL OFFER: Pay for 5 private lessons at once, get the 6th lesson free!

Contact us today to book your private lesson!