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Raising Leaders to Eliminate Bullying- How Martial Arts Can Help!


September 14, 2017 at 6:45 pm

Categories: For Parents, life lessons
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In light of recent events in our country, we wanted to take the time to discuss bullying. With the help of social media and other technological advances, children are able to read, discuss, and react quicker to topics. Sometimes these topics are more than what is developmentally appropriate for them to handle.  This is the world we live in. You can find nearly any image you want on the internet and children are becoming vastly more technologically intelligent than their parents and can sneak around parental guidelines without them knowing. How do we handle this?  We talk to them constantly. Weekly discussions about behavior and life skills, whether they need them or not, will help your child know how to navigate their social world better. We know what is ahead for our own children and have tried our best to set the stage for them. We also have to protect our children from the harsh reality this world can show to be while teaching them to have street smarts and make wise decisions.  It is hard. You don’t want to say too much but you also don’t want them to be naive to the dangers. 

One thing you will see martial arts provide that no other sport or activity does is continual leadership and lifeskill building conversations. Daily we are modeling and guiding our students to be the best they can be. Children learn from their environment. At a certain age, their parents and guardians cease to be their learning model and it shifts to their peers. Help your child choose friends that bring out the best in them and watch the ripple effect that it has on other children!  When we visit classrooms, I ask students to identify someone in their class who is a leader and makes good choices. Believe me…. they are watching and noticing who those children are. Teachers- in your morning meeting discussions, ask that powerful question. Children recognize others for being “good.” While we never want to emphasize children who are making poor choices, the ones who are making positive choices can shine and encourage others to make the same.

Together we can raise leaders… talk, listen, model, and begin your martial arts training to see the best in your child and self! 


For a great read on how martial arts can help bully-proof your child: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/karl-romain/three-ways-martial-arts-help-bully-proof-your-child_b_5835028.html

Martial Arts helps create the best of friends!


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