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Kristine Holz

We brought our almost 4 year old son, who had been diagnosed with apraxia, hardly spoke, let alone spoke up, to taekeondo nearly two years ago and it was one of the best decisions we have made as parents to date. Our son loves Master Schafer, his peers, and learning new songham’s and weapons. He’sContinue Reading

Bre Schafer

I would like to write this review candidly if I may from a teacher, mother, and wife’s perspective. Teacher: As an elementary school teacher, I can always tell the students that have martial arts experience based upon their demeanor and mannerisms. Alternatively I can hold them to a higher standard and they understand those expectations.Continue Reading


My son has been attending Schafer’s ATA now for 7 years, starting when he was 7. He has always been good at sports and excelled in baseball and soccer. However, when he found Tae Kwon Do, he put his heart and soul into the art, giving up both baseball and soccer to dedicate as muchContinue Reading

Gene & Teri Koehler

We decided to enroll our son in Taekwondo as we felt he needed some discipline and was easily distracted. We were first impressed that Mr. Schafer interviewed us separately over the phone to see what we were looking to accomplish. After our discussions, we then all had a meeting together and he talked to ourContinue Reading


As a local school teacher and parent, I have seen the profound changes Martial Arts has on children’s self esteem, focus, and physical abilities. Mr. Schafer and I have shared students and, because of this, I continue to refer families to Schafer’s ATA. He is especially wonderful working with individuals with special abilities and needs.Continue Reading

Pam Barclay

After my children started at Schafer’s ATA I noticed how much fun the adults in the class were having. Everyone was friendly, encouraging, and inclusive. Not being an athlete, I wondered if it would be too difficult for me. Now I am a second degree black belt and can’t imagine life without taekwondo. And I’veContinue Reading

The Sparkman Family

My husband and I do not look at Taekwondo as another sport for our kids; we look at it as another school…a school of life skills that will serve our children not just for a few seasons but for the rest of their lives. No other sport has offered our kids the degree of physical,Continue Reading

Mary Kolybakos

Mr. Nicholas Schafer, instructor and owner of Schafer’s ATA Black Belt Academy teaches more than Martial Arts.  Although Taekwondo is an incredible sport of individual goals and accomplishments, he also teaches many life skills that will be carried on throughout life.  I am extremely proud of my four children and the persons that they areContinue Reading

Jennifer Pauline

Schafer’s ATA has changed my life tremendously. When I started almost 5 years ago it was because my family was already doing Taekwondo. Little did I know how much I would love it! The instructors are fantastic and there is a real sense of camaraderie among the students as we work together on goals ofContinue Reading

Tracy Reynolds

As a mother of two children that go to Schafer’s ATA, I feel very blessed to be a part of their extended family. My son started at age 9 and is now 14 and a 2nd degree black belt. My daughter started at age 5 and now is 8 and a 1st degree black belt.Continue Reading