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From the moment you walk through the doors at Schaferʼs ATA Martial Arts, we want you to feel welcome and empowered.

Master Nicholas Schafer, owner and instructor at Schafer's ATA Martial Arts in Petaluma CaliforniaIt is my own personal goal to give every student the skills needed to navigate through life with confidence, courage, and strength. Every person has the strong desire to feel included and important, and this is what I want each person to learn while training at Schaferʼs ATA.

I have seen students of all ages and backgrounds begin their martial arts training with their own personal goals. For some, these goals may take months to accomplish… for others, years. It is the drive and determination that keeps students motivated to work hard and succeed. Every student develops a stronger sense of self that they can carry with them into their own personal and professional lives.

These tools have helped me and so many others in life, and it is the foundation for what we are doing at Schaferʼs ATA.

Nicholas Schafer

School Owner & Chief Instructor