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The martial arts instructors at Schafer’s ATA are among the most well-trained and respected in the communities of Rohnert Park and Petaluma, and all of Sonoma County. They bring a high level of passion, dedication and skill to help you on the path to success in martial arts.

School Owner & Chief Instructor
6th Degree Black Belt

When I was 12 years old, my parents decided to enroll me in martial arts. Little did they know at the time how much it would change my life and guide me to the person I am today. I walked into the American Taekwondo Association (ATA) as a white belt and found my passion. I never turned my back and have been training now for 25 years. Even after moving while in high school and commuting more than 40 minutes just to continue training, I stuck with it. I knew at an early age that if I ever wanted to be an instructor and own a school someday, I needed to remain focused and have great discipline and perseverance.

Schafer’s ATA Martial Arts began in 2001 in Rohnert Park. We started as a small club in a local community center. We quickly grew to 45 students and it became clear we needed to find a permanent home for our school.  In July 2004, we opened our first full-time school and have grown to be the best martial arts school in Sonoma County!

Seeing the need to reach even more families in our community, and at the encouraging of my family, I opened a small club in Petaluma in 2016.  Just like my previous experience in Rohnert Park, I was quickly busting at the seems and needed more room.  I was running two schools and it was a challenge to make myself available to all of my students every day so we made the decision to merge the two schools at a location that was convenient to Petaluma and Rohnert Park families. It excites me beyond words to design and build my dream school- this is what I was destined to do and I cannot wait to impact more students and help create strong and positive leaders. As an instructor, I am very proud of our students and families. Without their support and dedication, we would not be the school we are today. We have highly trained and motivated instructors who will help you reach your goals, every step of the way.

In the winter of 2012, I was invited by our Grand Master to test for 6th degree black belt in Korea. It was an honor and I am proud to represent ATA and our country internationally.

I encourage you to come in, try a class, make new friends, and become a member of our growing ATA family.


Level 2 Instructor
4th Degree Black Belt





Certified Instructor
3rd Degree Black Belt

How old were you when you began training in martial arts? 18 years old.

How many years have you been training? 7 years

Why did you begin taekwondo? A good friend of mine wanted me to try class so I decided to jump in to help him out, and after the first class I loved it.

What is something you enjoy most about training? I love the competitive aspect of training and going to tournaments, especially for combat weapons. I also enjoy weapons training, both in traditional and creative/xtreme variations.

What do you enjoy most about teaching martial arts? I love being able to watch the students grow, in their technique and as a person. It is very fulfilling to see a student learn something new and figure out how to make it effective. When I began training I was a very quiet and reserved person. With the training I’ve received here, I have gained confidence in myself and learned to step out in front of others and be a leader. That is an experience that I want to give back to the students.

What is a goal you have for yourself in martial arts? I plan to continue my training and advance in rank, as well as pushing for titles in state/district/world competition.

Why would you recommend our school to others? We have an awesome facility, amazing and well rounded instructors, and a great sense of family and community that you won’t find anywhere else.


2nd Degree Black Belt 

How old were you when you began training in martial arts? 9 years old.

How many years have you been training? 11 years

Why did you begin taekwondo? When I was in kindergarten, we visited a martial arts school and I always wanted to try it out. As the years when on,  I was a soccer player but wanted to find a different sport.  I remembered having a lot of fun on that field trip so I told my mom that I wanted to try taekwondo.  We went looking for schools until we found Schafer’s ATA… I’ve been here ever since!

What is something you enjoy most about training? I enjoy working out and practicing my form.  I also like going to tournaments and anything involving XMA and Arco- the more flips the better! Come and check out our XMA and Acro classes!

What do you enjoy most about teaching martial arts? I enjoy teaching kick combos and acrobatic moves.  I like to work with students and help perfect their forms and stances- we like to make our students shine!

What is a goal you have for yourself in martial arts? I am working hard towards my 3rd degree black belt!

Why would you recommend our school to others? Master Schafer helped me overcome a great deal of my shyness as a kid.  He is “one of a kind” when it comes to being an instructor.

Certified Instructor
Special Guest Instructor
4th Degree Black Belt





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